Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Extreme living for the Glory of God

Extreme Living for the Glory of God

Would you like to experience a great adventure?  So many people are into extreme living in this generation...Biking, hiking, running, skiing, and the list goes on and on.    God has the greatest adventure of all planned for your life.  He wants us to walk with Him through the valleys and up the mountains.  His plan is for us to overcome the obstacles that are placed before us in day to day living,  and for us to reflect His glory.  

I met a woman awhile back who is an extremest for Christ.  She and her husband decided in their early marriage that they wanted to go to people who have no Bible and to translate the Word of God into languages that have never heard the story of God's grace.  There first assignment was a remote island of Indonesia where living was primative and white people were unknown to natives.  Living there and learning the language would be enough of a challenge, but besides that they contacted a terrible stomach infection.  Desperate to get help they embarked on a 3 hour boat ride to the mainland.  With a husband sick at the bottom of the little boat and while  holding a one year old, her  body rebelled and she couldn't get to a restroom in time... Her husband was moaning in the boat and in the middle of this painful situation he said,  Sing to me,  Let's Praise God together.   They got medical help and were able to come back later on to continue their work.  

When do you worship?  When times are great?  How about when the night of your life is the blackest? 
God says, In everything give thanks For this (Praising, thanksgiving)  is the will of God for you!  Maybe the sickness wasn't God's doing, or the bankrupcy, or the pain.  But God's will is for you to praise and trust Him in the middle of it.  

He is the answer out of it. And remembering His faithfulness and great compassion can carry you through the darkest time of your life.

Let's clear our minds of wrong thoughts about ourselves and our life, and take God's truth as the truth we believe and will declare.  Let's pull down the strongholds that would bring discouragement to our hearts or would lie to us about who Christ is or who we are in Him.
Its a new day and a time to rejoice. 

I was challenged by my friend who has worked for 20 years and is just now finishing the New Testament in another language that needed to be reached with the gospel.  While in this land they homeschooled 6 children and experienced many dangers, as well as joys   and challenges.  One time he was lost at sea for more than 2 days, but God was always faithful.  He was able to row the boat and repair a broken engine  of a small boat while at sea.  We serve a God who can do miraculous things as we trust Him and believe.  When your storm comes will you panic or begin to praise God and to believe that He is at work performing His will in your life and situation. 

How much am I willing to risk or give up for the Kingdom of God?  If I seek Him first and His kingdom... ALL  of the things I am in need of will be given to me.  

I pray for a new generation that will rise up to do the works of God.  Recklessly letting go of the security of this age and prepared to do the will of God no matter what the cost.  And when they face their battles that they will remember to worship God and to keep their mind and heart fixed on Christ.  He is always the  answer.  Christ in us,  the Hope of Glory.
He called us, set us apart, filled us with a purpose... and by grace we stand, by grace we overcome!

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come
Twas grace that brought me safe this far
And grace will bring me home!  

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