Created for beauty

Created to be Creative

Before we drew our first breath God was at work fashioning us and shaping us.  He put creativity into the created.  Now we have the job of discovering the hidden talents that He has put into us.   Music? Gymnastics? Wise Counsel? Generosity? Hospitality? Engineering? Medicine? Inventing new technology?
We all have some things that we major on and others that we value less  in our lives.  Before we decide if we are an artist or a dancer lets first ask the creator what we were created for.  Maybe your sense of beauty will open doors of photography... or your love of cooking will give you a place of ministry to reach people around you with your gourmet culinary skills... or maybe you will be watching and praying and bringing out the gifts of your children as they are scribbling their first coloring pages, or writing their first piece of poetry.

Whatever stage you are in life God has put creativity in you.  Maybe its time to stop and sketch a picture or write a sonnet,  or sing a new song to the Lord.  Maybe you can brighten your day and those around you with something new that you haven't attempted before.  Enjoy the thrill of discovery and laugh at the bumps  along the way.   As you are enjoyed everyday life with God, you will find more and more things that He has put inside of you to bless others and to beautify the world around you. 


Why I worship

I have a reason to celebrate.  I have a reason to worship.  God' s  love draws me and compels me to lift my heart to Him in worship.  My beautiful God is worshy of all my praise and worship! 

I will exalt the Lord because He heard my cry....

At times our worship is motivated by the works of God and all He has done for us.  David was at the end of himself when he was running for his life from Saul, and still he wrote, "Yet will I praise you."  When life is falling down around us and our hopes are crushed,  We know that God is still our strong tower of safety and that He is our sheild and our salvation.  Whom shall I fear if the Lord is with me.
"Out of the depths I cried".... was another statement from David.  When have you been at your lowest?  That is the best time to turn and Praise God for who He is,  and for what He can do in the situation.  God is still there, and He is the hope of the hopeless, the strength of the weak and the glory of our life, the lifter of our head.

Because Your love for me is better than life,

therefore my lips will praise you and I will bless your name forever!

God's love for us is unconditional.  He found us in our sin and washed us and freed us from the power of sin and death.  His love for us goes on and on.  It is eternal and unending.  We praise God because as we praise Him we enter into His presence.  Psalms 100 says,  "Enter into His presence with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise.  Be thankful unto Him and bless His holy name."
God is always with us.  Yet sometimes  we do not remember  that in the middle of our busy lives and hectic days.   When we take time to Praise and lift up Jesus, we are acknowledging His presence and we open our hearts to the movement of the Holy Spirit inside of us.  Just a few seconds of a busy day can transform our outlook of life and give us a thankful heart.

Oh Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  Who is like you Oh Lord among the nations?

God is completely holy and completely righteous.  His justice and judgements are true.  His mercy endures forever.  When we worship God with all of our hearts and minds, soul and strength He begins to transform us into His image.  In Corinthians it says that we all with open faces are beholding the beauty of Jesus and being changed into His image from glory to glory.

One generation after another will give praise to your great acts, and make clear the operation of your strength.

" Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations" were the words spoken from Moses in Psalms 90.1  Each generation of believers brings God's glory to this earth and as we speak of His wonders and His works we strengthen those around us.  Maybe you are the first person in your family to believe in Christ Jesus as your living Savior and Lord.  Your words of praise and honor and worship will pave the way for generations to come to know God and make Him known.  Our greatest joy comes when we tell others about the goodness of God.  As we speak of His greatness our love for him grows and joy comes over us.  God strengths our heart.  For the joy of the Lord is our strength.  God even keeps an account of the words his children speak about Him.  He is so excited about this that He writes it in His book
Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who  fear theLord and who esteem His name.  Malachi 3.16

Come, let us worship the Lord!  Let us exalt His name together!

Take some time today to lift up the name of Jesus.  Think of all the great things He has done for you and in you.  Bring to remembrance the great mercy of the Lord, and how he delivered you from darkness.  Think of all the answers to prayer that you have experienced.  Remember that God, the God who created the entire universe loves you perfectly and even though we are flawed, He keeps on loving us.  He is worthy of our praise, worship and adoration.

Dance, Oh Daughter of Zion!  
The Lord is your Deliverer  

Dancing is a powerful expression of love and surrender to the Lord.  As we dance before Him, His presence invades our world, and we can feel His enjoyment of our love being poured out before Him in the dance. Many times I have danced before the Lord in my apartment and home.  As I have done this I have felt the Holy Spirit overwhelming me with the power of His presence.  Many times I have ended bowing or laying on my face before God in awe of His holiness and glory.  Depression is broken by the love of God overcoming our selfishness and our short sightedness.  As we concentrate on who God is He will reveal himself to us in many ways.  Joy is another thing that worshipping in the dance releases... I know a wonderful woman of God who is used powerfully in worship dance.  I wanted to share her story with you! 

As a child I would dance around the house, on the coffee table (which I cracked!). In the garden I would love to express myself through movement. Due to my less than ideal upbringing I found it easier to express myself through movement than words, as words are not always there to convey the inner thoughts of the heart.

I remember once in a counselling session I was asked to imagine myself dancing. I saw myself in my back garden at the age of 15 years practising a split balance. The counsellor asked if I could see Jesus anywhere in the vision. Trying to bring Jesus into the picture I looked around the garden, but I could not see Him anywhere. Then, as I looked down upon my own body, I saw Christ in me - like a big glowing ball of light emanating from my belly. It was such a revelation and confirmation of His gift and enabling in me!

Larna Martin COC England
I have spent hours dancing before the Lord, just me and Him and in different seasons with a young baby in chair (I have 4 children). Trained as a Rhythmic gymnast and later in contemporary dance, I found this training useful but not essential as we all (Acts 17 v 28) live move and have our being in Him. I believe we are all called to rejoice and communicate our joy to God through dance, but there are some who are called to the ministry of dance, where God will use them to communicate His message through movement, gesture and anointing. This has been part of my call these past 15 years, taking teams of dancers to various conferences, ministering choreographed pieces, and moving during the Praise and worship. I have also used dance to outreach on the streets, productions and recently teaching congregational Davidic dance. I have travelled to various countries to Minister God’s love and message through dance, and run a yearly prophetic dance school in London which consists of 4 workshops throughout the year.
For more information check out Larna's website 

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