God's Presence turns our home into a castle
 where the King is ruling!

Have you ever entered someones home and thought I love this house?  Then you looked around and saw that maybe the furniture wasn't your style,  and maybe they decorated in vintage and you love all things modern ... but there was something about that place that was magical... or majestic... Have you ever spent an afternoon with someone and felt like you had been seated in heavenly places?  God's sweet presence turns our homes into heaven.
How do we cultivate that sweet presence of the Holy Spirit?  We need to take time out of our busy lives and just enjoy God!  He made us and being with Him puts everything else into perspective.  Our time with Him is never wasted or forgotten. He loves you so much that he keeps a diary of everything you are speaking about Him so He will never forget... What a lover!  Today take a little time out and just worship and praise Him,  our King,  our High Priest, our Savior Redeemer,  or Lord and best friend.  Ask Him what He has planned for you today and take some time to listen to His voice.  He is always speaking and He has a great plan for your day.  Let Love in!  Let Christ rule in your heart.  Spread joy and be someone who is not afraid to give  of their lives for others.  That will make your home into a palace.  

The Joy of Decorating

Decorating your home can be a fun way to use your gifts of creativity.  Your house does not need to be filled with expensive things to look elegant and fresh.  Take time to shop around and look for the things that will reflect your taste and style. For no expense you  can find Women's magazines on the internet or in the library. Another way to search for great ideas is to use google images and type in whatever you are looking for. Sometimes rewording your search several times will bring you the best results.

Keep in mind the dimensions of the room you are working with.  When we were building our house we needed to find the best layout for two small bathrooms.  I looked through all the pictures I could find on my computer of small bathrooms and came up with what I felt was the best working idea.  I still like the way they feel.  For the size of them I have used the space the best way possible.  

If you want to redecorate for different times of the year one thing that works well is to use  neutral colors in your larger furniture (such as white, beige, brown, blue or black),  You can  change the feel of the room by using  different colored accents in things  like pictures, pillows, flowers, and small accessories.  This works well for living rooms and bedrooms. Something as small as rearranging the furniture can make a room feel new again.  Don't get into a rut and be afraid to try something new.  God created the world with a plethera of colors, smells and textures.  When decorating we can take His example as our guide to creative solutions.  

The feel of a home is also improved with  wonderful smells and sounds.  I love scented candles or the smell of baking bread or cinnimon and cloves simmering on the stove.  Having the house filled with an aroma of vanilla or spice can enliven the atmosphere and give you a feeling of warmth and security.  Music can fill the house with a sence of peace or of excitement.  Worship music will minister to the Lord and make us aware of His presence.  Sometimes I  use instrumental music, or music with the sounds of nature, to create a peaceful or joyful atmosphere.  

Remember that Love makes a house a home!   Fill it with kindness and generosity.  Give freely of yourself to those around you and God's sweet Spirit will make your dwelling a piece of heaven on earth.